New website adress - label announcement

by Mathias D. Clain

This has been something that grew on me the last 3 years.

Lots of corners have been explored during this time, from mastering, CD design, website making, art fotography for the CD,..

And to always making the music as first. But..I think it is only by dedication, endurance of the soul will it be, because for love of what one does.

I will not overdo this and not rush into it. I believe in the better and things I can truly stand for. That’s how I feel about it. And for releases, this needs absolute time to get the right pieces.

My own small label (solely for own material) is called Sound Sculptures. The CD’s will run in small quantities. Possibly one CD per year will be realistic or a double, let’s see. The truth is that..about 3 - 4 tracks per day are recorded roughly speaking and often more (when I am not resting hehe). Lot of this never sees daylight so I can only work further and continue. Eventually the tracks always come. I am an abstract sound painter I’d say and don’t plan the music. I tend to let it happen while recording and sculpting the pieces and sound live. This is what works best for me personal but like mentioned it needs time. Now that things have gotten further I think everything should flow faster again. The new website is completed and I made the designs somewhat ready for this cd project. So, normally full focus can return now for the music only.

I wanted to say also that the website has changed to a new adress: but typing in the older one will lead you to here as well, for some time coming (probably untill 2020).

So…More info to follow and hoping for the best and most of: just letting it be and letting it grow will be the best. Things aren’t perfect yet.. I can not expect too much, just aim to do it correct and in quality..the heart is to preserve the music and with a good result for the rest everything stays as it work will frequently be added on the site. Feel always welcome here on my site for a listen and see what’s new.

Thank you and best of wishes from here and..untill soon,