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The Horror Waterphone - Part 1 (Variations)

An instrument made of steel originally invented by Richard Waters in the late 60's. The 'Horror Waterphone' is my own designed version with a couple of changes not found yet on available waterphones. The Waterphone is known for its beautiful haunting sounds. This waterphone is made from bronze and copper, most are made from stainless steel. In this piece you can hear two varitations of the same. I've recorded it through the modular, fixed filter bank and tube reverberation afterwards processed using a voltage controlled delay.


Voices Of The Void 2.2

A tone from the modular synth repeadetly. Afterwards I rerecorded the whole through the same reverb signal. The piece can be of meditative purpose.


Voices Of The Void - Part 1

A while back I've made similar recordings that where cut to a lathe vinyl. I wanted to make a more proper version. The sound that you hear originates mainly by giving friction to a metal plate with friction mallets. I've recorded it through a echo unit and fixed filter bank. The piece comes in two variations. Voices Of The Void is dedicated to the spirits.


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